you can now peruse some ginny -esque recommendations.
so that's who's been looking at my site so much from Texas A&M, i'm not sure if i should be flattered or feel ripped off. we'll just have to see how it progresses: ginny-esque ashley brockette
it's funny when things fall into your lap that have been unwittingly dangling above you all this time: the music of andrew baron, wow!
after much deliberation i have decided to move my guestbook to signmyguestbook.com! so go sign away! please!
16color.com is really great! i've just rediscovered it. it is hosted by a local austin friend alan watts who also participated in the most recent AMODA SXSW show...i made this little movie: breathing dots.
what has ginny been up to?!! i've been volunteering for the sxsw interactive art show! it's awesome! you can see all the chosen websites online and a video of the opening reception (i'm the one at the sound board)!
this is big, REALLY BIG!! SXSW and AMODA presents electronic music plus overwhelming visuals, including my own projections!! you MUST GO!! check out these pictures of the awesome club!!
i'm really getting into all these free webpage services, you can't imagine how much easier it is. here's my very own link resource: pixelpocket
here's some great music i've just discovered: sack & blumm, the music of toys
here's the scoop: i've been moving things around and making little bity changes so some links may not work. i've removed the menu at the bottom, so i'm experimenting with that for the moment. and, i made a new desktop background: swing. portfolio updates on the way...thanks iota for linking to me!
psst! don't tell him i sent you, but you should check out my friend's new online architecture portfolio: joshuakenin.com
i'm intending to rework and update (that means new material) a great deal of the online porfolio this week. i'm only telling you because it increases the chances that it will actually happen, since i wouldn't want to let you down. you might come after me... anyways, i realize there is a severe lack of representation of my architecture work here, but you should understand that that is because i spend ALL DAY doing architecture and i treat this webpage as my "recess".
the me section has been extensively updated and appended. i've posted another radio show: 02.13.01. there are two previous one's i haven't posted yet either so look out for those.
happy valentine's day!
i'm now helping keep track of brian for the brian locator. and i'm currently reworking some pages on here so you might want to look around. maybe next time i'll tell you which pages, once i get them done...
i am most definitely inlove with this man and his music.
i am very annoyed none of my forms on my contact page are working... meanwhile, some electronic artists here in texas (austin mostly) who are on the oscillate mailing list like me, can now be heard collectively on mp3.com. check them out!!: oscillate. and find out how they make their music.
it may not look different around here, but i've totally reorganized everything, therefore some of the links may not be working. in particular i've lost the movies for the fromp page, for the moment.
now that's fast. a mere 4 hours after the fact and you can listen to the most recent radio show. this one is a special multimedia experience including miranda july and stories of dreams. listen: 3-4pm & 4-5pm.
things are changing around here. so please be patient and ignore the misfunctional links, unsynchronized information, and wacky stuff. i'm not quite sure what is going on or when it will be over. but it will. and you'll like it.
ooooh! new music for your listening pleasure. listen to the latest radio show: 3-4pm & 4-5pm. i suggest the second hour. playlist coming soon.